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Insuring Your Mobile Home in Prescott Valley

Mobile and manufactured homes have become increasingly popular in Arizona, especially in the Prescott Valley area. With the amount of vacant land available, and the multitude of design options, many people are opting for the convenience of a manufactured home on semi-rural acreage.

Your manufactured home is a significant investment, and requires protection from risks like:

A windy monsoon damages your roof

We're all too familiar with monsoon season. A sudden windstorm damages your kitchen skylight and numerous shingles on the roof of your manufactured home.

When you chose the optional replacement cost settlement provision, the cost of repairing damage caused by wind is covered — up to policy limits — by your policy.

A neighbor is injured

While you’re taking an elderly neighbor on a tour of your new garden, she trips over a loose paving stone and breaks her ankle.

If you’re legally responsible for an injury, your policy can help with medical bills and other related expenses.

Lightning damages a tree in your yard

Yes, it's no secret that it's dry in Arizona. Imagine that lightning strikes an tree in your yard (the trees in Prescott are quite prevalent!) — fortunately, it falls away from your home, but you’ll need a professional to haul it away.

Your coverage can help with the cost of removing debris when your trees are damaged by a covered scenario like lightning.

Food spoils during a power outage

You’re away for the weekend when your neighborhood experiences a power outage. You arrive home to find a freezer full of spoiled steaks and fish fillets.

If your food supply goes bad due to a covered event, your coverage can help replace spoiled items.

A landslide destroys your mobile home

Lots of dirt + monsoon rains = flooding and potential landslides. A landslide caused by days of heavy rain crashes into your home—you’re able to evacuate, but the house is a total loss.

With agreed loss settlement, you get the full amount of insurance on your home so you can start rebuilding or looking for another place right away.

Customize your manufactured home coverage

Popular options like this can help you with additional protection levels:

A water pipe explodes and causes damage

Prescott winters can definitely be cold. Although your heat is set to 65 degrees, a water pipe in the ceiling bursts during a winter cold snap, soaking everything below. Your three-year-old living room set is ruined.

Instead of reimbursing you for a damaged item’s depreciated value, optional replacement cost coverage will pay the cost of replacing it with a new item of like kind and quality.

You can add a number of other optional coverages to your insurance policy. For example: identity theft; hobby farming and ranching; water backup from sewers and drains; and while moving your home to a new location.

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