7 Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained When You’re Stuck Inside

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The kids are out of school. Every parent or grandparent at home with the little ones are scrambling to find things to do while continuing to practice “social distancing.” So what are some ideas to do with the kids during the day here in the Quad-City area? We’ve got you covered from fun, outdoors activities to indoors family-fun.

Hike or Bike the Iron King Trail 

Located right off Glassford Hill Dr. in Prescott Valley, Iron King Trail (also known as Prescott East Railroad) offers up a great hiking experience that goes through the Dells. The Prescott East Railroad was built at the turn of the century and saw heavy use through the 1920’s. Gradually, the railroad business slowed and workers pulled the rails from the ground in the 1970’s.

Today, the trails are clean, smooth, wide, and you can take in the breathtaking scenery of unique rock formations, beautiful native plants, Watson Lake, and keep your eyes open – there’s a lot of wildlife to see!  You can choose to hike or bike the trail – there’s plenty of room for everybody. 

Stream Unreleased Movies Online 

With all the theatres closed, major movie releases are being post-poned, but some are coming straight to video. The highly anticipated Disney movie, Onward, has been made available for purchase and instant streaming through Amazon video! Grab the popcorn and enjoy early access as a family. 

Do a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt 

Why not make a game out of strolling around the neighborhood? Make a list of items to find around your neighborhood and keep tallies of how many you can spot before making it back home! For example, you might try to find: a birdhouse, child’s playhouse, porch swing, blue car, etc. The person with the most points by the end of the game wins! 

Camp Out in the Living Room

The weather may not be ideal to head outside and camp overnight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cozy up inside! Grab your flashlights, build a fort, and pop some popcorn! Hunker down with a family movie night, telling spooky stories or playing games.  

Grab a Kayak + Paddle Watson Lake

We’ve got some incredible lakes to explore. If you’ve got easy access to a kayak or boat, head outside to enjoy some sunshine and good social distancing. Watson Lake is a local favorite, with its interesting rock formations, beautiful wildlife, and gorgeous views. Psst, the hiking trails are easy, and a lot of fun, too! 

Have an Artwork Competition 

Grab some paints, crayons, or markers and challenge the little ones to an artwork competition. What will the challenge be? A self-portrait? Drawing something in the room? Or will it be a little more hands-on with glue, cereal, and cottonballs? Designate one of the little ones to be a judge, or do a blind vote if everyone wishes to participate! 

Bring Broadway to Your Living Room 

We can’t all travel to see a Broadway show, or visit a local play right now – but it doesn’t mean you should miss out on the live magic of The Lion King, Peter Pan, and more! BroadwayHD has made their most beloved shows accessible to everyone at home.